Technical Data Sheets listed by Alphabetical order


202 MOLY-Lith Multipurpose Grease with Moly
21 Intermediate-Grade, Lead-Free Drill Pipe Compound
33 Silicone Grease
550 Non-Metallic Petrochemical-Grade Anti-Seize and Thread Lubricant
769 Lubricant Nonflammable Penetrant-Lubricant-Moisture Displacer-Protectant


ALCO-Ep ECF WW Extreme-Service Multipurpose Grease
ALCO-Ep Premium Multipurpose Grease with Moly
ALCO-Ep-73 Plus Premium Multipurpose Grease
AP-1 High-Temp Non-Melting Amber Grease
AP-1W High-Temp Non-Melting White Grease
AP-5 High-Temp Non-Melting Black Grease
ARCTIC Extreme Cold Temperature Grease


BULLSEYE Water Well & Environmental Compound


CC Lube Semi-Synthethic Food Machinery Grease


EMS Water-Based Silicone Lubricant
EP Bearing Grease Industrial Grade
Extreme Mud-Resistant Drill Collar & Tool Joint Compound
EZY-Turn 3 Arctic Gate & Plug Valve Sealant
EZY-Turn 3 Plug Valve Sealant (Sticks) Bulk for Manifolds & BOP’s


FMG Food Machinery Grease
FOOD Grade Silicone


GEAR-Guard Premium Lubricant Paste
GRAPHITE Petrolatum


J-75 Lead-Free Drill Steel Lubricant NLGI-3 Brushable
J-89 Lead-Free Drill Steel Lubricant NLGI-1½ Pumpable
JET-PLEX-EP Premium Multipurpose Grease
JLS Economy Grade


KILN Grease HT Extreme-Service Grease with PTFE
KOPR-Kote Copper-Graphite High-Temp Anti-Seize and Thread Lubricant
KOPR-KOTE HDD Autolube Grade Heavy-Duty, Lead-Free Drill Pipe Compound NSF H-2
KOPR-KOTE HDD Manual Grade Heavy-Duty, Lead-Free Drill Pipe Compound NSF H-2


MAGIC Wrench Super Penetrant
MARINE Grade Anti-Seize Thread Lubricant and Corrosion Inhibitor
MARINE Moly Molybdenum Disulfide Paste
MARINE Mp Multipurpose Grease
MARINE Wire Rope & Hawser Grease Lubricant & Protectant
MOLY Petrolatum
MOLY-Mist MoS2 Dry Film Lubricant
MP Silicone Grease Nonconductive Grease
MP-50 Multipurpose Non-Melting Moly Paste


NCS-30 ECF Biodegradable High Performance Drilling Compound
NCS-30 ECF Premium Yellow Rated Thread Sealant
NCS-30 HDD Autolube High Performance Drilling Compound
NCS-30 HDD Manual High Performance Drilling Compound
NIKAL Pure Nickel Extreme-Temp Anti-Seize and Thread Lubricant


OG-H Heavy-Duty Open Gear Lubricant
OVEN Chain Lubricant Inorganic Synthetic


PFPE Grease Thickened with PTFE
PITLESS Adapter Lube Premium Assembly Lubricant-Preservative


RD-N Synthetic Rock Drilling Oil
RENEW Belt Dressing
RUBBER Lubricant Water-Based Rubber Lubricant & Mold Release Agent
RUST-GUARD Corrosion Inhibitor


SHEEN Free Non-Sheening Wire Rope Coating
SILICONE Compound DM Silicone Dielectric Grease
SILVER Plus Regular Grade Anti-Seize and Thread Lubricant
SS-30 Pure Copper High-Temp Anti-Size Thread Lubricant


TEMP-GUARD High-Temp Grease
TF-15 Fiberglass Pipe Thread Sealant
TF-25 Line Pipe and NPT Thread Sealant and Anti-Seize
TFW PTFE Fire Sprinkler, Pressurized Air and Natural Gas Pipe Thread Sealant


V-2 Plus Multipurpose Pipe Thread Sealant with PTFE


WELL-Guard Monitor Well Drilling Thread Compound
WHITE Knight Food Grade Anti-Seize Thread Lubricant
WHITE Lithium Grease Premium Grease with PTFE
WLD (Wire Line Dressing) Wire Rope, Cable and Roller Chain Dressing & Lubricant
WRL (Wire Rope Lubrication-Oil) Wire Rope and Chain Lubricant


Z-50 Zinc Tool Joint Compound
ZINC Dust Petrolatum