Coldores HR (Heat Reducing) shaft seals for standard refrigeration compressors.

The Coldores HR shaft seals are designed for modern lubrication oils and operational conditions like VSD. More specifically: the Coldores shaft seals generate less friction heat, which will avoid temporary dry running (blistering), the main reason for shaft seal damage. The Coldores shaft seals are engineered by the RM-techno centre as a result of their research on shaft seal failure.

Coldores HR shaft seals are available for most compressor types of the following brands:

  • Grasso / Sullair
  • Howden
  • Sabroe
  • Mycom

Why Coldores HR Shaft Seals?

The refrigeration compressor is the heart of the refrigeration system. The weakest part in a refrigeration compressor is the mechanical shaft seal. The shaft seal prevents leakages to the environment by trapping a thin film of liquid (oil) between two faces. The role of the liquid, besides sealing, is to cool the faces. When there is not enough oil between the faces a shaft seal becomes overheated as a result of high friction.

Lack of liquid between the faces results in dry running. After just a few minutes of exposure to dry running, a standard shaft seal is damaged. Coldores is the solution to this problem.

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