JET-LUBE Water Well, Environmental, and Horizontal Directional Drilling products.


Jet-Lube Water Well and Environmental Drilling Products have been helping drillers solve equipment maintenance problems since 1949. Jet-Lube Water Well drilling components and casing sealants have been recognized as the industry standards for drill pipe (Kopr-Kote) and drop pipe (Enviro-Guard) applications. What some people do not know about Jet-Lube is there is an additional group of lubricants, thread sealants, aerosol products, and EP-Grease that address additional lubricating needs for drill rig, pump and tank installations, and general plumbing applications for PVC and CPVC piping jobs.


jetlubeJet-Lube Water Well products are designed and developed with tough drilling applications in mind and are all available at IM Supply.


Jet-Lube leads the industry in the development of NSF Compliant products for drilling, production and lubrication applications that are proven environmentally compliant, while exceeding all expectations for performance. Our work in the industry for environmental products has led to the development of new anti-seize and drilling compounds that address application compatibility and worker environment. Started in the 1980’s, our work continues today to develop products that perform to customers’ expectations while addressing the concerns for the environment. After years of reformulation and testing, JET-LUBE has established itself as the leader in the production of NSF compliant and environmentally safe products for industries worldwide.